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Head Butler

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The conversion of the website for this popular mailing list of reviews into Drupal involved converting many years' worth of past postings from static HTML into structured content.

Katherine Weissman

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Drupal allows the client to update several different content types herself, and features a custom Flickr feed on the home page.

Lupus Research Institute

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A Drupal installation allows the Lupus Research Institute website to share content with the website for LRI Chicago.

Doniger Illustration

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We built this site with Drupal to give the client maximum flexibility for maintaining content herself. Flash-based image galleries show off Nancy Doniger's illustrations to maximum effect.

City of Beacon, NY

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The Drupal-driven website for the City of Beacon makes it easy to share up-to-date information about activities and resources with both residents and visitors.

China Care

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China Care's website allows the organization to share information about their projects, whether they're halfway around the globe or on an American college campus. A straightforward Drupal-based backend makes it easy for staff to post updates, sell products, and raise money.

Brooklyn Ballet

Brooklyn Ballet's website allows students to sign up for classes, allowing checkout to proceed as with a traditional e-commerce site, but collecting information about individual students associated with each signup.

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, an organization that raises money to support childhood cancer research, depends on their supporters to hold lemonade stands and other fundraisers. Their website is an important part of their work, as it allows supporters to create their own "personal fundraising pages" to promote their events. On these mini-sites, users can post photo albums, share blog posts, and accept direct donations.

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