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Running gimp in batch mode to convert SVG to PNG files

Years ago for the NCCP website, I needed to generate charts that would appear as vector graphics (in PDF files) and as raster graphics (in PNG's).

The best solution at the time -- it may not be so any more -- was to write my own library of graph-drawing functions that generated SVG files, then run the GIMP in batch mode to convert those images to PNG files. (I know... I had a lot of time on my hands.)

Determine where logs are located

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I can't even recall all the times I've needed to check a log file on a linux server but couldn't figure out where the file was stored. The next time it happens, I hope I'll remember to look at the /etc/syslog.conf file, as this is where the locations of log file

Making sure a daemon runs on server reboot

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Another piece of code that I always seem to have to look up when I need it... The command for getting mysqld (or another daemon) to start up when the server reboots is chkconfig, used as follows:

chkconfig mysqld on

If you just enter chckconfig, it will output a list of the daemons and their current status:

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