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Testing CiviCRM

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I'm in the middle of testing out CiviCRM for a client, and so far I'm very pleased and impressed.

We very much need the personal fundraising page feature, but these fundraising pages either need to themselves be treated as events (shown on a calendar, etc.) OR they need to be able to have a one-to-many relationship with the events. Some questions and issues that are coming up for me as I work on this:

  • Is it possible to create a profile that includes start/end date fields such that this information can be entered when creating a new fundraising page? Would this be too big a sacrifice, because we'd lose the power of CiviEvent?
  • There's no sense of "ownership" of events within the system, and we'd need to customize this. Considerations:
    • Make sure that one user can't have access to alter another user's events
    • Given a user, need to display their events (both to the public and for them to manage)
    • How good are hooks for customizing the CiviCRM components?
  • We've got alternatives for managing the relationship between users <--> fundraising pages <--> events
    1. Users can create any number of fundraising pages and any number of events; when creating an event, the user can choose which fundraising page the event should be linked to (if any). Funds raised through the event automatically get applied to the fundraising page.
    2. Users don't create independent events & fundraising pages; rather, for every fundraising page, we create an associated event. Funds raised through the event are automatically applied to the fundraising page.
    3. Any other way?
  • Handling offline donations: Need to create access for stand owners to create Contributions that are associated with their PCP
    • This information is stored quite neatly in the civicrm_contribution_soft table -- just need to create a custom link/form for creating contributions that hides/autofills several of the fields and sets up the proper donation