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Extra page breaks when printing HTML page in Firefox

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I keep encountering a problem whereby my printer-friendly pages have way too many page breaks and each time I have to research all over again what the solution is!

So here, for posterity, is the answer: if you've got "overflow:hidden" set on any elements, make sure to override that with "overflow:visible". You might also need to set "height:auto" if that was set differently.

Running gimp in batch mode to convert SVG to PNG files

Years ago for the NCCP website, I needed to generate charts that would appear as vector graphics (in PDF files) and as raster graphics (in PNG's).

The best solution at the time -- it may not be so any more -- was to write my own library of graph-drawing functions that generated SVG files, then run the GIMP in batch mode to convert those images to PNG files. (I know... I had a lot of time on my hands.)

Shell script for creating backup via FTP

I just set up a backup system using a very powerful and flexible script that allows for backing up both files and mysql databases. Tutorial here.

Determine where logs are located

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I can't even recall all the times I've needed to check a log file on a linux server but couldn't figure out where the file was stored. The next time it happens, I hope I'll remember to look at the /etc/syslog.conf file, as this is where the locations of log file

Creating a single user that can use multiple databases through Plesk

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I usually find Plesk to be extremely limiting, but there are servers where I just have no choice but to use it. Just now I needed to create two separate databases that could be used by the same user -- something that Plesk simply won't let you do.

I found this article to be extremely helpful, and the only elements that were different (probably because of differing versions of the software) were: 

CiviCRM custom data storage

I'm thinking about customizing CiviCRM such that custom data can be linked to Personal Campaign Pages. Here are some notes on how the database is set up:

Upon creating a new Custom Data Group, a new table is created called civicrm_value_[group_name]_[group_id] in which the data for this new group will be stored. Columns in this table are id, entity_id (i.e., the id of the user if this data is to be linked to a user), and custom columns for each of the new custom data fields in this group. A new record is also created in the civicrm_custom_group table.

Testing CiviCRM

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I'm in the middle of testing out CiviCRM for a client, and so far I'm very pleased and impressed.

We very much need the personal fundraising page feature, but these fundraising pages either need to themselves be treated as events (shown on a calendar, etc.) OR they need to be able to have a one-to-many relationship with the events. Some questions and issues that are coming up for me as I work on this:

Standard Drupal Modules

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Every time I set up a Drupal site, there are certain modules that I invariably install. For my future reference, here they are:

Converting a simple site from ASP to PHP

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Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment, but I've taken on a project for which I've promised to convert a site from ASP to PHP so that it can be expanded using some tools already written in PHP. The site is basically static HTML, just using ASP for include files and some minor formatting settings.

Here are the steps I followed to convert the site from ASP to PHP:

Changing the domain at which a Drupal site is accessed

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I've just had a bit of a nerve-wracking site launch; we'd been developing a new auxiliary website for an organization that would eventually live at "," but was developed in the meantime at "". We followed the steps for launching the site and I thought it would work pretty easily: